Rorry Nighttrain East

About (Biography)

Born and raised in Fresno, California, Rorry spent his early years listening to the vivid stories of Ernest Hemingway, a prominent influence. He vividly remembers listening to the great stories told to him by American movie theaters. Ever since his earliest days of hearing about Hem's powerful marlin, he's loved story telling.

Rorry Nighttrain East is an alumnus of De Anza College Cupertino, California and he has since moved from the "Golden State" - he now lives on a sprawling ranch just outside the beautiful mile-high mountains of Silver City, New Mexico - where he writes. 

His first novelette, "Two Ships Passing in the Desert" earned Rorry serious literary recognition from his peers. Since that time, he has penned over a dozen  books includiing several fine prose/poetry paperbacks to date.

Rorry is now working on his fourth screenplay which is due to be completed early next year. "Rorry's joy of storytelling is infectious", said one loyal reader at a recent book signing. "Once you read one, you have to read all of his books."

-Staff Writer

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